Hi, I am Arthur M. Pettis a renowned professional blogger in Arizona. I make blogs on different business niches that tackles on how to improve and grow ones business entity. I studied business and marketing management in the University of Arizona with a thesis of Business Guidance and Ethics. I used my knowledge and expertise to create articles and topics regarding business development and marketing strategies.

I understand and feel the frustration of business owners when their business goes off and are not doing well. The burden and pain they suffer is immeasurable as most of them put everything on the line with their business ventures. I know that they all just needed a little guidance and tips from experts. Though for bigger problems and big businesses I recommend they get a consultant to help them handle the situation properly.

For local and small business, I created strategies that are very simple to follow and understand. I made a few notes from my studies which can still be applicable as of today. I make a several blog where I put my articles and tips online where people can easily access it. I also make a community where we can exchange ideas and information.

This greatly helps the small business owners to develop and rebuild their own business. As for advance strategy, I point out some areas where they can improve their presence. One important thing is the internet. It is very important today that your business could be found in the internet whether it will be in social media or your own website. It is a big advantage to your competitor if you have online presence and have a great position in search engines.

As an internet marketer and blogger, I can greatly help small business using this method. I have wide expertise and knowledge on getting top positions in search results even just using a blog or some of the social medias. And it is a big help as people will get to know your content and what you sell. It is a way to communicate with your market as 98% are now using mobile, tablet or a laptop in shopping and looking for stuffs.