Small Business in Arizona will Revive America’s Economy

The U.S. economy has undeniably grown over the long years. Its present economic expansion has lasted for more than five years and even though economy status look amazing today, the possibility of another economic downturn is possible.

The election result recently, which put Donald Trumps in the highest position in the country, is also a big win for those who have suffered the burden of the recent Great Recession and the fast changing economy. Because of newly elected President, for the first time in so many years, their agony and complaint were heard and utilized in a national political victory. But, even though Trump has won the election, this doesn’t guarantee his success in the real war. The possible problems that he might face along the way, not only in politics but in rebuilding the foundation of the country.

Countless towns have deteriorated; numerous people suffering from famine and homeless people increased; too many businesses have given up, close their stores and left; many people lost self-identify and respect. This is the real war- the war that the new president should win

At present, the society also searching for the possible options that may have greatly affect their lives due to economically distressed happening in their area. First, is to find a place where high paying jobs are offered; second, to be more focus in educating themselves and priority the education for their children, and lastly the social welfare that may be given to their families. These options do not equally provide to the actual needs and predicament of American people into affected areas so, the unplanned consequence has been the increased of the social welfare rolls and the main cause of it is the desperation of the people. It’s not that because these people want it this way but it’s because the management and leadership of their country have failed and put them down.

As of 2013, survey result says that social welfare programs have tremendously increased for four-fold and many of them expect that the country will provide what they need in order to live. Cash assistance, health care and medical assistance, education and childcare, and many other benefits that the American people need. There were three factors that identified that possibly the main cause of the increase in social welfare program participation: One in the increase in population in the US, next is the Great Recession  that happened in 2007-2009 and the recovery is very slow, and lastly the steps that were conveyed by the lawmakers to create new programs that will make more extensive in the eligibility of the current programs.

But mind you, this is not the only reason why the country needed new solutions that will address the most important part of the economic challenges that the United States of America will be faced in the 21st century. The advocacy of Donald Trump for protectionism and another form of presidential activities within the US economy is not enough to solve the problem. It may maintain some jobs in the US but it may only cause a related impact on the lives of the people that the country will be intended to help. The president’s way of approach may help a few people but will not address the real challenges that the country is facing right now.

Cross-subsidization of divisions within a firm that will come from the private sector might help in small business to grow. Through these, the decaying towns, the small stores that closed might stand up again and enable their businesses to grow again.  The federal government should elevate the burden of corporate taxes and lessen the regulatory burden on small and starting business to give them a chance to accelerate and grow. By giving vitality and enthusiasm to local, micro-economies, towns will stand up again, restored their dignity and feel renewed.

The new President’s solutions might help mend the economy of the country but yet it did not even close in winning the real war for the American people. Another way is really necessary not only to lift up the country’s economy to grow but also for the Republic to prosper.

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